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1031 Exchange Fund is a Qualified Opportunity Fund that provides a self-directed fund for you to make the most of your investments when using a 1031 exchange. A Self-directed QOF allows you to defer, reduce, eliminate future capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes. An added bonus is that you can receive the remaining basis of your relinquished property tax-free!

By combining a 1031 exchange with one of our QOFs, investors do not have to worry about the like-kind requirement, allowing for tax-free investment growth until 2047.

We provide solutions involving 1031 exchanges as well as analyze tax strategies and overall investments to suit the individual needs of our clients.

This way, you control your investments ensuring that they align perfectly with your financial goals. We call this tax-advantaged investment strategy “Supersonic Roth IRA” Click her to get my free book to learn more.

Steve Flanagan

Stephen Flanagan is the CEO of 1031 Exchange Fund and a serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and manager of two other funds as well. Before his life as an entrepreneur began, Stephan served the United States Air Force as a fighter pilot and Chief of Strategy in the Pacific Air Forces in Hawaii (109th AOG). He also earned a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning and has been a real estate investor for more than 25 years.

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